This is Baby, a new friend who recently entered our lives.

He’s a puppy that was abandoned in our vineyard last July when he was just one month old. We followed the whine and…what a surprise! Two big eyes that asked for protection, 15 cm of sweetness, cheerfulness and vitality. He was so cute, the most beautiful puppy that we had ever seen and he immediately became a member of our family.

In these situations, when a puppy needs its mother, the mutual sense of attachment is really strong. Baby needs more company and more affection than a normal dog.

He has grown up among our guests and has won their hearts too.

Children and adults, nobody can escape his contagious desire to play. You will find Baby waiting for you in the morning, when you have breakfast or lunch; he will certainly make your stay more cheerful as he has cheered up our lives, making us smile whatever mood we’re in.


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