How do we work

The driving force behind to our work is our love for cuisine and country traditions and the joy of welcoming our guests.

Holiday farms are private houses which open their doors to guests so they can experience and appreciate the richness of this "simple world". A world of knowledge acquired over the years, handed down from generation to generation and which then forms traditions which must not be forgotten.

We don’t prepare dinner for “customers” but for welcome guests, like those invited into our home.

There’s nothing new in our way of working. What we did before for our family is what we do now for a greater number of people, increasing quantities but keeping methods and standards unchanged.

Our dishes respect local traditions but are also innovative and original and are prepared with quality products from our farm.
This is a fundamental principle for us, not only because the regulations governing our work impose the use of our own products, but also because we are very proud to use them.

The basic ingredients of our dishes are 0 km, premium quality products and we are rewarded by the good opinion of our guests who expect very high standards from our restaurant.

FLOURS, wheat flours and corn flours, are our latest exploit. Our farm has always produced cereals and now we have decided to transform our own raw materials into flour in partnership with a local mill where we send a small part of our best production for grinding. Now we make our PASTA, CAKES and BREAD using our own flours.


All the VEGETABLES and FRUIT used in our dishes come from our kitchen gardens and orchards. We pay particular attention to the preparation of our weekly menu, which is based on seasonal produce. We are convinced this is a good principle which guarantees high standards. The idea has been inherited from past generations of farmers and is an example of intelligence and simplicity.

Other important activities are the production of EGGS and the breeding of POULTRY fed on our own corn and hay.

We offer a fixed menu which includes a wide range of traditional Piedmontese dishes which are always presented with great care and attention.

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