The rustic style house dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and has recently been restored without changing its original characteristics.Every house has its own character. The “Fiordaliso” is colourful and cheerful, it expresses our personality and our pleasure in welcoming guests.

The interior design is simple but refined, made warm and cosy by the fireplace and the antique furniture. There are three bedrooms upstairs, each with a private bathroom and a large balcony furnished with garden furniture and planted with roses and jasmines.


The restaurant on the ground floor can accommodate up to 60 guests in 3 different rooms or on the verandah where there is a beautiful view.

Light is very important for us, so during the renovation we opened new windows on the north side of the house. Now our guests can enjoy two different views of the relaxing landscape which surrounds us.

The quality of our dishes is essential, but we also want our guests to feel at ease at their tables. The limited number of tables are located in different rooms which guarantees quiet and discretion.

As in every country house, we can’t forget to mention our cellar. The renovation emphasizes the barrel vaults faced in brick and a small niche, which was dug into the stone years ago for the storage of valuable bottles.

Our cellar is at the ideal temperature for storing wine but it can also be used as a conference room or as the perfect location for an aperitif during the summer.

In winter days the environment is made more enjoyable by the presence of the old fireplace always lit and the new stove placed on the porch and surrounded by a small lounge, which offers sweeping views of the winter landscape pampered by the warmth of the fire.



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