The kitchen of the farmhouse: “where the food is real”


The passion for cooking and tradition, the pleasure of welcoming are the driving force behind our work.

The farm is a private house that opens its doors to the public to make known the richness of this “simple world” made up of knowledge acquired and handed down from generation to generation that nourish that tradition that we bring to the table.

Our farm was born in the early 1900s and now has four generations while the farm, understood as an evolution of agricultural activity, has been open since 1997.
There is nothing new in our way of operating: what was previously done for the family is now applied to a greater number of people, while maintaining the systems and the care that is used when preparing for oneself.

The cuisine is light, respects tradition but at the same time is innovative and original; uses the products of our farm and when there are no products from other farms in the area.
This is a fundamental principle for us and we are committed to bringing an almost 100% agricultural product to the table.
This is why from the heart it comes to us to say that ours is “real food”, when this is so different from that of large retailers in terms of flavor, authenticity and freshness.
Here you feel the true taste of food, so our kitchen can only respect this quality raw material without doing too much work or exceeding the condiments that would cover it.

The strength of the farm lies in the fact that it has a unique product that is difficult to find in different ways, not in preparing who knows which elaborate dish more suited to classic catering.

Our farm is a main cereal address so we transform wheat and corn into flours with which we prepare bread, made with mother yeast, pasta and any other baked product.
We raise farmyard animals with our grains, we have very important eggs for every preparation, vegetables and fruit of all kinds, always present in our dishes.

We can say that it is nature that chooses what we have to cook; In the countryside, we always take what is there and cook, which is why we never present the detail of the menu which can change from day to day according to availability. This is not a limit but it is a guarantee of freshness, seasonality and authenticity.


Our tasting menu costs 38 euros per person with wine included in normal consumption.